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The topic of the voyage in time, in spite of its difficulties of a conceptual nature, very early interested the authors of science fiction, perhaps because of the famous temporal paradoxes which it raises.

The most famous novel in the kind is certainly oldest: it is a question of the Machine to explore Time, of H.G. Wells (1898), which knew three adaptations to the cinema. But of other more recent novels or news also stick to explore the fourth dimension, in particular towards the past.

Karl Glogauer, the hero of the news Here the Man, Michael Moorcock, is a bookseller of London specialized in the occultism. Interested by the psychoanalysis, he attends a circle of impassioned theories of Jung.

Among those, it meets an eccentric inventor, having developed a machine to go up time. Invited with a demonstration, Karl Glogauer, bookseller and psychiatrist amateur, finds itself projected in the neighbourhoods of Jerusalem, in year 29 of our era…

Thèbes with the Hundred Doors, news of Robert Silverberg, puts in scene a young agent of a Dedicated service in the temporal jumps towards the past. This agent has the role of recovering two of his/her stray colleagues 1500 years before our era, in Egypt of the XVIIIème dynasty, in Thèbes.

The hero prepared long months with his mission: massive absorption of hypnagogic bands of old Egyptian, visits thorough archeological sites of Louxor and Valley of the Kings close… But there is far between the modern village, turned towards tourism, and Thèbes with the Hundred Doors, ancient metropolis which points out New York or Mexico City by its extent and its broad avenues which form a checkerwork.

The Orphan of Perdide, novel of Stefan Wul, and its adaptation in cartoon: Masters of Time, Rene Laloux and Moebius.

Romain Dabek
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