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Welcome on this site devoted to Science-Fiction

SFPanorama proposes a course of the science fiction to you, marked out references to the works known or not, primarily arts persons, through a selection of six broad topics. This cutting could certainly have been organized differently, but it presents topics which one often finds on SF, in particular a journey in space and time, the extraterrestrial ones and the robots, future of the companies and the man himself.

Obviously no work could be attached to a single topic, from where the difficulty in finding a whole of headings able to describe the science fiction completely. Here in any case a possibility of course, proposed by SFPanorama:

Various topics of SFPanorama

* the space voyage : one of the topics most met in the science fiction, oldest perhaps also, putting in scene a large variety of vehicles and vessels, from the traditional rocket to the cabin of teleportation, while passing by the immense vessels pioneers, where the generations of passengers follow one another the ones the others, during centuries that the space flight lasts;

* the visions of the future, which can be declined in Utopias, visions of the end of the world, political systems of the future or simply prospects on the immediate future, extrapolated starting from the data of the present (with the movement Cyberpunk for example);

* the extra humans, that they are artificial creatures, resulting from robotics or the biological genius, or extraterrestrial;

* the temporal voyage, involving displacement of the insoluble paradoxes, or uchronie, construction which imagines the past such as it could have been, so certain fundamental events of the History had proceeded differently;

* human evolution, through its changes, its accidents, the processes natural or controlled, aiming at influencing to become to it species by means of the selection and of the cloning;

* finally, the visions besides, which attempt to describe the extraterrestrial ecosystems, the foreign environments, various planets and the conditions of existence on their surface.

Take part In SFPanorama!

If you wish to see developed one of the topics of the site, or to propose not quoted works, if you have knowledge on a particular subject, you can send an article, which could be published on the site. For all suggestions, go in the contact page.

Romain Dabek

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