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Perry Rhodan: the largest SciFi saga in the world!

You know that in an European country a magazine of SF appears which tells each week an episode of only one history SINCE 1961 until today WITHOUT INTERRUPTION! As this incredible leading adventure continues still and always, the number of booklets of this collection increases, gradually. It is about approximately 2200!

Only here that does not occur to the USA (“off race”) nor even in GB/UK, it is in Germany. The principal hero gave his name to the series: Perry Rhodan. The main theme is style “space-opera”, but in + 40 years the topics can be quasi philosophical or different.

In France, Black the Fleuve editions bought the rights and started published paperbacks taking again each one 2 German original booklets, in 1966. Since, the maximum rate/rhythm of a book per month was not held with the result that “news” (in France) published about 1969 in Germany appear today: the French collection reaches 185 episodes at the end of November 2003.

It should be known that in Germany the phenomenon Perry Rhodan exceeds only the hebdo: there is in more one “planetary” novel each month in the same universe, plus a series girl (the 2nd more important hero of the name of Atlan gave its name to this series), of the fanclubs, the novels of fans, the derivative products (models, cuddly toys…) and more still, because I acknowledge you: I am only one basic French-speaking fan.

The 2 creators of the 1st fanclub French Jean-Michel Archaimbault and Claude Lamy would be fixed much to inform you about this gigantic phenomenon well too little known. While waiting to contact them, you can already make you an idea by visiting the site of Basis (name of the assoc which is the French fanclub already quoted):


A research google (for example) will give you access to other German and English, French sites especially.

François Deck
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